Life Afloat

Hi! Welcome to the Life Afloat website. How exciting, I now have a website as well as my Youtube channel and Facebook page! I bet you already knew that though if you’ve found your way here?!

If you didn’t already know that, then you probably don’t know much about me or Life Afloat so let me tell you…..

My name’s Mark, I’m just an average bloke really living aboard a narrowboat called Round The Bend with my dog Daisy (who, I might add has been a bit of a hit on Youtube and can be quite the poser as you see in this photo to the right!) Life Afloat is our Youtube channel where I make vlogs about all aspects of narrowboat living from nice cruising videos, boat maintenance to sitting down and chatting about all sorts of boaty things and walks with Daisy. If you haven’t already found us on Youtube, please go a take a look and if you like what you see, then click on that subscribe button!

I have created the Life Afloat website as an additional way of sharing my latest videos in the blog section and to hopefully spread the word a bit about the Youtube channel. There’s nothing I love more than uploading a video and reading all the lovely comments from people who area enjoying them, it’s a good feeling!

Feel free to browse the website and enjoy spending a bit of time here. There isn’t much in the blog at the moment as the site is new but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say (whoever “they” are). You will notice there’s a shop! Here you will find wall art available from photographs I have taken (did you know I used to be a pro photographer?!) around the canals as I travel, nice scenery, boats and of course plenty of Daisy! You will also see a selection of other things such as mugs, mats, bags and hats etc…

Lastly, if you are a bit of a fan of ours and feel like you would like to support us you can see how you’re able to do that on the “support” page and if you’re even considering that, then really we can’t thank you enough!