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Why should you become a Life Afloat member? Well if you enjoy the videos on YouTube, you’re going to LOVE the exclusive members content here on the Life Afloat website members only area!

It gives you a chance to see a different side of me and my life. You will learn and see much more personal things, things which I would never show in the public domain of YouTube and as a result you’ll come to know me better. The members content contains exclusive video updates and unseen footage of Daisy. I share with my members, photographs of good times I have spent with my two amazing daughters, provide written updates and information about my favourite mooring spots and places I have been, where I am right now, and where I plan to be!

In short, by becoming a member, (even at the cheapest option) you will learn and see so much more of me and my life…


The cheapest membership option. Choose this and you will get access to 100% of the members only content! 
£ 1 .50
/ month


Choose this membership option and not only will you get access to all of the members only content, but we will become friends on Facebook. This means you will actually get to know me properly, on a personal level. You will of course get a shout out in a future YouTube video too!
£ 4 .95
/ month


If you opt for this membership level, not only will you have the benefits from the “Friends” membership but also you WILL be able to spend a day with me and Daisy onboard Round The Bend! 

Choose this option, and you become Life Afloat family!
£ 9 .95
/ month